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CONSULTING SERVICES (Couples Consulting)
What We Offer

Our goal is to help make your relationship fun, open and as comfortable as possible. By appointment, we will work with you to give you a better understanding of our product, with a personal tour of the store and product knowledge to help aid in some of the common intimaticy discoveries, like recommendations while she is pregnant, tightening up after the baby, dryness during menapause, ways to stimulate a man after his prostate is removed, the battle of high blood pressure and diabetes, and so many other subjects. This will be your chance to ask whatever you would like. (Ask ChryStyle) Upon completion, you will have a better understanding of product knowledge and options that are possible solutions to some of the hurtles of aging, growing and intimacy. After assessment of your situation, we can make some recommendations that can help you along the way. $39.99


PERSONAL CONSULTING (Singles Consulting)
We also offer

One of our goals is to educate our clients, and to bring them what they want and need to engage in as much marital bliss as humanly possible. By appointment, we will give a personal tour of the store along with product knowledge and samples. We will measure and fit male or female for lingerie, like corsets & bustiers. We will explain product, so you get an idea of what some of the product is used for and possible solutions to situation in your life. We also give you access to our selections of catalogs if you are looking for something specific or a costume for an event, project or role you would like to play.  $25.00


Sessions will include but not limited to:
* 30-45 minutes of product knowledge
* Q & A
* Product Demos
* Samples
* Ideas on proposed ways to use product
* Suggestions/recommendations for real life situations
* 20% off purchase with consultation

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